Repost from 01.04.2017

I made a decision in the mid of this year that i want to make some changes. I wanted to change my job because I didn’t felt good at it and wanted to move back in to the nature. I used to work as a cook on passagier ship but I didn’t wanted to work anymore in the kitchen, but as a sailor. Seeing the nature, being in the nature. I quit my job in the mid of July and had some time till I had the first interview with a major company that I got to know by a friend of mine, so I decided to use this time as good as possible. I visited a friend of mine in a Zen Buddhist temple for two weeks in Hungary and after this I took a flight to Portugal and stood there for about two months. Deffenitly the best decision that I ever made. After this I visited my sister in Germany and my interview was also in Germany for the sailor job so it was perfect planed. 

In the mid of october I got to the sailor company and they offered me a contract till end of October to see how do I like this kind of job, how I feel after a few days, do i really want to start at this comapny as a sailor, or they wanted to have a feetback from me. I had the opportunity to see how the people live and work on a cargo ship day by day. You have to know some things about this life on a ship which is challenging and it takes an advantage of your whole life. 

Anyway, I got to the ship, my homeboy Adam who introduced me to this company was on the ship and I still can’t belive that actually this happened. It took me tree and hald months after quiting my last job to get on the ship and I finaly got to it. I’m really happy now because this was my plan and now I think I will be able to make the changes what I was planing. 

I want to use this opportunity to tell you that I if you on the way to fulfill your dream and you actually get to the point where everything starts to happen don’t listen to anybody, if you feel that they want to  boycott your mind set about your dream or planes. You have to listen to these people because they have also intresting storys to tell, but if you feell the massege they want to send shows your dream from a different angle, and you don’t like this angle, just don’t. Was your angle not perfect? Why would you change your perfect angle to a bad one which you don’t like? Just don’t let it in. It’s not yours. Even if you think for the first time that “yeah he could be also right” or “yes this could be true”. You have to know that everybody is right. Everybody has his own right. Please keep this in mind and practice. I do it too.

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